The Authority of People with Disability Trains Airport Staff at its Virtual Airport
2022-08-28 by

The Authority of People with Disability organized a training workshop for the airport staff, with the participation of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) and several airports. This workshop aims to educate airport staff about how to interact with persons with disabilities inside the airport and how to deal with the medical devices that they use. The workshop also discussed the challenges facing persons with disabilities at the airport and the solutions that contribute to the integration of persons with disabilities and improve their travel experience. The workshop also provided persons with disabilities with the experience of walking inside the virtual airport and traveling virtually at the APD’s headquarters. The airport includes all travel procedures, from entering the airport to boarding the plane, in a way that ensures the independence of persons with disabilities. It is worth noting that the Authority of People with Disability works with various sectors to ensure that persons with disabilities obtain their rights, enhance all services provided to them, raise the level of care and prevention, and ensure their integration and empowerment in society.

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